Friday, March 20, 2009

Just finished my WordPress 2.7 Users Guide. Unleash the power of WordPress...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twitter Introductions - A Primer

Have you made your Twitter Introduction Video yet?

If you haven't heard of it, Twitter is a kind of online messaging system. It is like a group chat where you post 140 character messages or "Tweets". You can post links or just text. URLs get converted into TinyURLs if they are beyond a certain length or you can paste short URLs from the service of your choice. WordPress plugins and online services make hooking up your blog feed easy, so every post you make goes to Twitter as a URL.I even have my Twitter messages my Facebook status.

Just like with other social sites, you add contacts and other contacts add you. Once you have a few followers discussions form. You direct messages to an individual using the @ prefix, eg. "@elizlaprade - Thanks for the great link!". Everyone gets to see these that are following the sender, but these messages appear in the "@Replies" tab so you get to see all the replies made to you, regardless of if you are following the sender (optional preference). There is also a DM (Direct Message) feature for private messages.

Now on to the Twitter Introduction. One great way to deepen your connection to your Twitter followers is by using a Twitter introduction video. You can accomplish this in a number of ways. You can capture video straight to youtube if you have a webca. For those a little more tech savvy, you can use a video camera to shoot your Twitter Introduction.

During your Twitter introduction Video you get the chance to introduce your Twitter followers to you. They get to see the living breathing you through your Twitter Introduction Video. Tell your Twitter followers who you are, where you live and your interests. Below you can watch my Twitter introduction video.

If we are not yet following each other on Twitter, please use the Twitter link to my profile and follow me. I will follow you back.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

As spring blooms, so do our hearts...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Updating my Wordpress instruction book to v. 2.7, finally...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feds' Web site gets Web 2.0 makeover

Following's lead, upgrade adds RSS feeds and widgets

Taking a cue from the updated Web site, the federal government has gone Web 2.0 with is own site.

The General Services Administration announced that it has delivered on a promise to use Web 2.0 technology to give citizens electronic access to government information. The Web site now is offering a governmentwide news feed service and a gallery of gadget applications.

"Using these Web 2.0 tools is a huge opportunity for government to be transparent and save valuable tax dollars," said Beverly Godwin, director of, in a statement. "Tools such as RSS feeds and gadgets allow the public to directly access content from the original source, no matter which Web site they're on. It reduces duplication across government, because an agency creates content once and makes it available for reuse by others."

Last week, users got their first view of the changes on the Web site when it went live during President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony. The Web site not only switched over to represent the Obama administration, it also was updated with a new design that focused on new media.

For example, the White House site now has a feature called The Briefing Room, where users can read the latest White House blog posts and even sign up for e-mail news updates.

Additions to the Web site include the Government News Aggregator, which is designed to use RSS feeds to deliver news and information from across the federal government. People can subscribe to RSS news feeds, which are based on NewsGator technology, on a variety of topics, including agriculture, economics, recalls, foreign affairs and science and technology.

Another new tool on the updated Web site is the Government Gadget Gallery, which features a collection of gadgets or widgets that are created by experts from across government. The gadgets are online tools that can be embedded in individual home pages and blogs. One, for instance, is the Food and Drug Administration's drug finder widget, which is designed to help people search for specific information about medications. Other widgets include one that delivers an environmental tip of the day and another from the FBI that updates information on predators and missing persons, according to the GSA.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Warner Music adding social networking to websites

After years of watching music fans flood online social networks to interact with their favorite recording artists, the music industry is starting to get serious about adding community features to its own websites.

Hoping to become a big player in that effort is networking giant Cisco, which during the Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11 in Las Vegas, introduced its Eos platform -- a set of hosted online tools designed to enable media and entertainment companies to build social networking functions into websites.

For record labels, that means adding fan community services to artist sites. Warner Music Group (WMG) is the first label partner signed on to use the Eos platform, and it already plans to add such functionality to the sites for Atlantic artists Laura Izibor and Sean Paul. Other artist sites will migrate to the platform over the course of the year.

"As the Web shifts from the enterprise to the consumer in terms of where the traffic is coming from, the social media revolution -- which is all about fans interacting with artists -- is going to provide an enormous opportunity," said WMG executive vice president of digital strategy and business development Michael Nash. "This is a recognition that having a social media strategy is not just about partnering with social networks, but it's also about what we do with our direct-to-consumer efforts."

Eos features include data analytics, content management and site administration capabilities, but it's the social networking that gets Cisco's foot in the door. That a company the size of Cisco is dedicating an entire division of resources to the effort speaks volumes on how significant an opportunity it expects the field to present in the years ahead.

According to the company's internal market research, 36 percent of fans seek entertainment content directly from the branded site of the provider -- be it a music artist or a TV show. Today, that traffic is largely promotional, with few opportunities for fans to interact the way they do on MySpace or Facebook.

Several site development tools with a social networking focus have been around for years, particularly one called Ning, which powers several existing artist-focused social networks. But outside of a few pioneering artists like 50 Cent and Kylie Minogue, few labels or artists have made much of an effort to turn it into a standard practice.

"A lot of the interaction around artists occurs on MySpace or Facebook, where neither the label or the artist particularly monetizes those types of things," said Dan Scheinman, senior vice president/general manager of Cisco's Media Solutions Group.

xactly how WMG or other labels plan to monetize their artists' sites using the platform remains to be seen, but Scheinman said it will build the system with online advertising and sponsorship models in mind.

"This is really about managing these websites as businesses," Nash said.



Friday, January 11, 2008

30+ Facebook Apps Designers may be interested in

Facebook Apps Designers may be interested in. Yep, 30 count 'em. Facebook is really awesome, I mean come on, Google's Open Social platform would even be anything without facebook pioneering the concept of real apps. Unlike the it's predecessor, Myspace, Facebook has opened the doors to 3rd party apps that do more than change the look of your profile, which is something you can't even do on Facebook!So check out these Facebook apps

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